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The word “Gulyas” (Goulash) is of Hungarian origin and refers to a Hungarian herdsman. In the initial use the word gulyas only referred to the herdsmen, but as time went on, the meat that the herdsmen prepared became known as gulyáshús (goulash meat) and became a new term used by the entire Hungarian population. Today gulyas still refers to the herdsmen but it is mostly associated with Goulash Soup, one of the most famous Hungarian staples.

Hungarian Gulyas Herdsmen

Up until the 19th century, the Hungarian Puszta (Great Plains) was the thoroughfare for large herds of cattle that ended up in Europe’s large cattle markets. When the cattle were herded on the Puszta often the weakest of the animals was slaughtered and became gulyáshús for the herdsmen. This became a tradition and Gulyas (Goulash) was born.

In traditional Hungarian cuisine, gulyasleves (goulash soup), porkolt, paprikas are semi thick stews that the herdsmen prepared and have become traditional specialties of Hungarian cuisine. These stews can also be prepared as soups if preferred and different parts of the country have different ways of cooking and preparing these specialties.

Traditional Goulash


Now that you have been introduced to the history of the Goulash Brothers, times have changed and our lives have gone on in different directions. One Goulash Brother is in Afghanistan, another one just got back from there. A third one has moved out west and I am currently stuck in the Midwest. We have all continued our lives in our own direction of choice but those days and years that we spent together in Taszar has created a bond and friendship that will last a lifetime.

We still stay in touch and with email and Skype it makes it a lot easier. Since those golden Goulash Brother years, Goulash has played another unexpected role in my life.

Just before my retirement in Bosnia at the end of the SFOR Peacekeeping mission, as a retirement present to myself, I purchased a Harley Davidson motorcycle which I had been dreaming of for many many years. In fact me and another Goulash Brothere bought the exact same bike so that we could ride down the road together, which by the way has never happened yet. One bike is in the US and the other one is in Hungary.

Since I was a veteran and at now also a Harley owner a good friend of mine talked me into joining his motorcycle club the VNV MC (Viet Nam Vets MC) and the road name that I was given was Goulash.

I wonder where that came from?



My contract with Northrop Grumman was completed on December 31, 2004 In February of 2005 I had to come back to the US to process out. I went to Fort Benning to turn my TA-50 in after eight years being overseas. Interestingly I didn’t even go into the company to say good bye. Everything was done online in email and on the computer.

Luckily one of the Goulash Brothers lived near Washington and another was visiting so we spent a few days together and did D.C. Goulash style.

As Goulash tradition would have it, there was Unicum.

Together again


As time went on the Goulash Brothers became well known around the world. One of our fans in the US shows their support.

Goulash Brothers Forever

One of the Goulash Brothers went to Uzbekistan and obviously became a hit because the local media came across a fan.



By September of 2004 the Goulash Brothers have grown in number and now there were 12. Below is a meeting that took place at the Kapos Hotel.

Goulash Brother in Hungary

The meeting went on into the evening and many important issues were discussed.

Two Goulash Brothers

Our Brother from Texas, Mike Orr was very proactive and decided to start the Texas Chapter.

Texas shirt

In American folklore they always associated watermelons with black people.That is one of the silliest things I ever heard. The Goulash Brothers love watermelon.


It is hard to find a good man, and when you come across one make him your friend.

Jozsi Bacsi

When the Goulash Brothers were not working, they would often times get together with some of the elders and listen to spoken words of wisdom. At the same time share in the nectar of the grapes and fruits of the land.

Jozsi Bacsi