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Monthly Archives: October 2014

I had the pleasure if talking with Sandor on the phone today. He called me from the Indianapolis Airport. He is flying to Rochester and from there to Europe to spend some well-deserved time with his family. Sandor spent three long years in Afghanistan in a management position and he is on his way to take a break that I’m sure he has been thinking about for the past few months.sandor

Ironically I also spoke with Laszlo yesterday, and he is also experiencing some changes in his life. He has been in security management for the past few years but the time has come for him to spread his wings and take off in a different direction.

Believe it or not, he is in the process of making Mead. Click here if you don’t know what Mead is. He has three different flavors and is pretty excited about his new venture. So if you want to have a Date Night, a Honeymoon or be bold and have some Dragonblood, let us know.

laci 1Janos is also on the move, and currently he is in Alaska. He was a dental technician before he worked as a translator in Taszar, and he is back to his old career, except this time he is living out of an igloo (just kidding) in Alaska where they have beautiful sunsets.Janos

As for me, I have always been an entrepreneur, and I continue following that path. I just published my latest book “How to become a Linguist” with the intention of helping those that are interested in following in our footsteps as linguists.Linguist book Cover

Taszar has been a life changer for all the Goulash Brothers and we continue to go forward and seek out the next adventure that life has to offer. We’ll give you an update as things develop.