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In American folklore they always associated watermelons with black people.That is one of the silliest things I ever heard. The Goulash Brothers love watermelon.


Good Friends

It is hard to find a good man, and when you come across one make him your friend.

Jozsi Bacsi

Kapos Hotel has become the Official Goulash Brother meeting place in Hungary


Words of Wisdom

When the Goulash Brothers were not working, they would often times get together with some of the elders and listen to spoken words of wisdom. At the same time share in the nectar of the grapes and fruits of the land.

Jozsi Bacsi

The 4th Anniversary

The Goulash Brothers celebrated their 4th year anniversary in Santos, Hungary at Joe’s Place.

Our 4th anniversary

By that time I had become the Deputy Site manager, two other Goulash Brothers were working with the CI teams and the other Goulash Brother was the head translator for the command group.

This was a once in a lifetime experience that changed all our lives. It was an honor to serve and we were so fortunate and lucky to have been a player in this historical opportunity.

We celebrated again with an Unicum moment.


Goulash Medicine

God Bless America and Long Live the Goulash Brothers!

An Unicum Moment

The Goulash Brothers have an Unicum moment after a hard day at work serving their country.


An Unicum Moment

Unicum is a traditional Hungarian drink made from herbs and medicinal plants that can cure just about anything.

The Goulash Brothers

The Goulash Brothers all signed on to be a translator for one year but everyone of us stayed for many more years. It was a dream job come true and we all enjoyed what we were doing and we were also good at it. We were given the opportunity to serve both our countries. We were all patriots and proud Americans and we were all born in Hungary or of Hungarian descent. Being a Goulash Brother too on a meaning of its own but it was basically a group of young men who were experiencing a once in a lifetime opportunity and were going to make the best of it, which we did.

The American soldiers that had the opportunity of being stationed in Taszar, to this day consider that their most enjoyable deployment in the military. The translators that were hired locally for the mission in Hungary, Bosnia and Croatia all had a very positive experience and were also paid an above average salary which came in handy, especially to those living in Bosnia.

The Goulash Brother minded their own business and became very good friends. The Goulash Brothers became a legend in their own minds and they even had their own logo, which we felt was appropriate.

Goulash Brothers

Taszar Main

An aerial view of the headquarters building and  the Tactical Operations Center in Taszar at the very beginning of the Bosnia Peacekeeping Mission.

Taszar Main

The Flags at Taszar Main



Let there be 4

Once we got settled in we received our assignments. One Goulash Brother was assigned to the Command Group, the other to Counter Intelligence and I was assigned to civil affairs. It didn’t take long before the other linguists heard that three people arrived from the US. Within a week we bonded with another person who became the 4th Goulash Brother.

GoulashBrother #4

Taszar Main Gate

This gate was manned by both the Hungarian and US military and was the entrance to Taszar Main. The Americans came for one year and stayed for eight and a half and a good time was had by all.

Taszar Main Gate

The Mission